faculty alumni

Mr. Jorge Padron

Director Emeritus

Pinecrest Sprouts Strings

D.M.A. – Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Teaching & Learning

University of Southern California

Graduating Class of 2021

Sierra Su

Chief Operations Officer Emerita

B.M. – Music Therapy

Florida State University

David Spiegelman

Trombone Instructor

B.S. – Finance; Music Minor

University of Florida

Lily Enekes

STEM-Music Coding Instructor

B.S. – Data Science

Barnard College, Columbia

Blake Blaufeld

Digital Music Instructor

B.M. – Percussion

New York University

Nicole Markus

Grants Editor

B.A. – Journalism

Northwestern University

Graduating Class of 2020

Sebastian Cardozo

Band Instructor

B.A. – Business Administration

University of Florida

Vincent Li

Orchestra Instructor

B.S. – Computer Science & EE

Duke University

Paul Nameth

Chief Financial Officer

B.S. – Finance

University of Florida (Honors)

Graduating Class of 2019

Michelle Chong

Orchestra Instructor

B.S. – Health Sciences

University of Florida

Vic Song

Orchestra Instructor

B.S. – Biology

University of Miami

Sofio Jimenez

Orchestra Instructor

B.M.Sc. – Medical Sciences

University of Western Ontario

Jacob Suarez

Orchestra Instructor

C.P.L – Aviation

LIFT Academy, Republic Airways

Ben Nguyen

Orchestra Instructor

Sc.B. – Molecular/Cellular Biology

Johns Hopkins University