General overview / platform

Following the Miami-Dade County Public School Board's decision to commence the 2020-2021 academic school year in the My School Online social-distancing platform, the Pinecrest City Music Project will follow suit in cooperation with the District's guidelines/regulations for Community partners and organizations. With this, we have developed and redesigned our curriculum to instruct all programming via the ZOOM virtual interface. Registration will be paid per semester (September-December, January-May).

Our organization was founded on the basis of providing music education to all while emphasizing the importance and impact of local communities. We understand that during this unprecedented time, many families are under financial stress. The 'Tutti' in our motto 'Soli Tutti' means 'everyone'. During this time, we are emphasizing our commitment to every student by instituting 100% scholarships for all students eligible for free-and-reduced lunch services by M-DCPS. All students' families who express a need for financial assistance, though do not receive M-DCPS Lunch Services, will also be awarded a scholarship. The amount of said scholarship will be on a case-by-case basis. Further information can be found in the ‘Tutti = All’ section below.

Pinecrest Sprouts Strings

Pinecrest Sprouts Strings is a string orchestra program for students in the Miami Palmetto Feeder Pattern within Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Students of all ages and ability levels are welcome to join. Rental/purchase of instrument is separate, though PCMP is more than happy to provide counsel in picking out the right instrument/size. Instruments in the program are violin, viola, cello, and double (string/upright) bass. The Sprouts program is intended to act as both a preparatory and conservatory-style program.

Owning an orchestral string instrument is no small feat. Many first-time instrument owners can become easily frustrated at the oddities and fragileness of orchestra instruments. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, PCMP is providing free instrument maintenance at the students' home every other week. Students leave their instrument on their front porch on pre-arranged day/time, and a PCMP staff member will stop by, tune the instrument, rosin the bow, and make any necessary minor adjustments on the instrument. Please note, PCMP staff is not equipped to make any structural adjustments to the instruments. Should an accident occur while the student is using their instrument, we highly recommend bringing the instrument to a luthier as soon as possible.

Miami Palmetto Feeder Pattern schools include:

-Miami Palmetto Sr. High School

-Palmetto Middle School

-Pinecrest Elementary School

-Palmetto Elementary School

-Howard Drive Elementary School

For more information about instrument scholarship programs, please contact as soon as possible to make arrangements.

STEM-Music Coding in Python

Introducing a program of the first of its kind! Students will learn how to become a Computer Science wiz while also becoming a musical mastermind during this course. In partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, PCMP will be using the innovative program EarSketch teaching Python, the most popular and useful computer science tool. Students will learn the material from A.P. Computer Science and master DAW (Digital Audio Workspace). Open to all ages and ability levels. What equipment will they need? Just a Windows or Mac computer and Google Chrome.

Digital Music Production - DAW

Students learn how to create their own music using pro-level digital audio workstation software. Students of all ages will learn electronic music production: making beats, creating chords, writing melodies, composing remixes, and original songs. Students will learn how to compose & produce their own beats and songs using a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace). No prior musical training needed! What equipment will they need? Just a Windows or Mac computer and Google Chrome.

Vocal Performance

Our Vocal Performance class is taught by leaders in Miami Palmetto Sr. High School’s Thespian Troupe. Taught by PCMP instructors through our virtual learning platform, our lessons provide your child with a step by step plan for advancement, regardless of level. Our approach nurtures individual achievement and creativity, allowing our students the opportunity to reach their full musical potential while developing a life- long love of the arts.

Music Theory & Composition

During this 10-session course, your student-musician will learn how to become a great composer. Taught on the free software MuseScore, the curriculum is comparable to Pre-AP Music Theory. We work with students of all ages and offer instruction to students of all levels, be they beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Students can work on music fundamentals like note reading, rhythmic values, and terminology. Students can study music from a range of styles from classical to jazz and learn to apply new techniques to their own compositions!

Recorder Class

In this ten-session program, your student will advance their knowledge of playing the Recorder. New to music? With these recorder lessons, you will soon be able to: Read music, play simple but beautiful tunes and understand how music works. For more advanced students, we delve deeper in order to: play the full recorder range, comfortably manage "one to a part" and play baroque duets.